Realise true innovation, from the bottom up

With OnTrack you can distill the best and the most supported ideas from the heart of your company - people, and drive innovation from within.

Through a digital Company wide questionnaire and enterprise social network analysis, our algorithms identifies domain specific influencers in your company.
We identify the key innovation opportunities and the barriers, so that you are fully armed to tackle all the challenges and realising your company potential.
Stay On Track
We help managers to keep track of innovation success by visualising the spread of the innovation through the company.
Increase 24% revenue across different business domains.
Current offerings focus either on idea generation or quantifying innovation process. Our customers problems are not the generation of ideas, but selecting the right one. The one that gets support from the people. Because this support is what drives innovation.
Let’s take an example
John is in charge of innovation. Because previous innovations founded no support he has decided to set up an idea box. People are excited and a lot of ideas got sent. However there is no way for him to make an informed selection of the vast growing number of ideas. Due to this John is not able to deliver the promise of change and people lose faith and this is when innovation fatigue kicks in. Sounds familiar?
With OnTrack you can pick the ideas that were created by influencers in the company that already found a lot of support. You can instantly identify the people, or the team, that can drive this innovation through the company. It makes innovation much more fun and effective.
Plans & Pricing
We work with a monthly subscription model based on the number of employees.
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